A video of a man, who was spotted tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children by Hamas, in Los Angeles has gone viral.

The man has been identified as Shehab ElRefai.

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Who is Shehab ElRefai?

Shehab ElRefai is self-employed and runs a Growth Marketing Agency, as per his LinkedIn account. His act was caught on camera, and several X users slammed him for his actions.

He is being severely criticized on social media for taking down posters of kidnapped Israeli children by Hamas. One user reacting to the viral video said, “Literally heartless #HamasisISIS supporters. Los Angeles last night, just blocks away from the LA Holocaust Museum, a man removing posters of kidnapped Israelis#LosAngeles #NeverAgainIsNow #TheWestlsNext”

“I guess he wants the kidnapping victims to stay kidnapped,” another user wrote.

One user tweeted, “I think we need to start sensitizing people over their actions, there are always consequences on whatever we do one way or the other.”

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In a recently circulated video on the internet, two University of Chicago students, Harlan Switzer and Angela Jasmin Donis were seen removing posters depicting Israeli children abducted by Hamas. The University of Chicago students Switzer and Donis were captured on camera taking down the posters from a nearby area of the campus.

After watching the highly publicized video, social media users swiftly chastised them for their behavior. The video, which showed them tearing down posters showing children who had been kidnapped by Hamas, went viral right away and incited fury in a lot of people.

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The Israel-Gaza conflict has claimed the lives of around 10,000 Palestinians, and Israel is under increasing pressure to relax the limitations on Gaza. Discussions over appropriate forms of protest in the context of worldwide turmoil have been sparked by a strong stance on the subject.