A Jewish man tragically died late on Monday in Los Angeles, according to local law enforcement. The man had been injured in the head during a confrontation with a pro-Palestinian activist in North Los Angeles. The victim has been identified as Paul Kessler.

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Who is Paul Kessler?

Paul Kessler was reportedly 65 years old. He was a Jew. A teenage pro-Palestinian protester and an older Jewish man got into a verbal argument, according to eyewitnesses. The demonstrator suddenly smacked the elderly man over the head with a megaphone he was carrying.

After bleeding to the ground, the injured man was quickly sent to the hospital. Unfortunately, a cerebral hemorrhage was found to be the cause of his death. Israeli witnesses to the incident called it a “terrifying sight” and expressed disbelief that it had happened in their area.

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The attacker used their mobile device to record the assault, and the video has been taken by the local police as proof in their current investigation. Although the case and its investigation have been acknowledged by the police, they have not yet provided any additional information, such as whether the suspect has been taken into custody.

Nearly 10,000 people have died as a result of the Israel-Gaza conflict, and Israel is facing mounting pressure to ease restrictions on Gaza. Due to a strong stance on the issue, discussions about legitimate modes of protest in the face of global turmoil have been triggered.

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Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors marched on Saturday in cities all over the world, including Washington, Milan, and Paris, demanding a stop to Israel’s assault on Gaza. These protests are a sign of growing alarm over the suffering and growing number of civilian deaths resulting from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Protesters voiced dissatisfaction with their governments for their support of Israel, especially as the bombardment of hospitals and residential areas in the Gaza Strip continues to grow. This was especially true in nations like the U.S., U.K., and France that have sizable Muslim populations.