The nationally syndicated cartoon Dilbert has been dropped by newspapers in Texas and Ohio after its author referred to Black people as a “hate group,” appeared to support segregation, and made other racist remarks on his online program.

Following this week’s remarks by Scott Adams, 65, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and San Antonio Express-News both declared that they would cease publication of the caricature immediately. Since it first went into syndication in 1989, the cartoonist Dilbert has become well-known all over the globe.

Scott Adams was married to Shelly Miles.

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Who is Shelly Miles?

Shelly Miles was Scott Adams’s ex-wife. Scott Adams is an American author and cartoonist. Adams was a client when Miles worked at a club in Pleasanton, California, where they first met. “She was working and I was working out,” he said in an interview.

Adams was godfather to Justin and Savannah, Miles’s children from a previous marriage. Savannah’s death from a fentanyl overdose in 2018 at the age of 18 inspired Adams to launch the service WhenHub.

On July 22, 2006, Adams wed Miles in a ceremony officiated by the skipper of the yacht Galaxy Commodore in San Francisco Bay. After his wedding, he embarked on a Disney ship to the Caribbean for his “familymoon” with the kids and both sets of parents.

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The cartoonist, who was born and raised in Windham, New York, has lived in different areas of the Bay Area since 1979 and has held a variety of jobs, including those of a bank teller, computer programmer, and financial analyst.

He worked for Pacific Bell in San Ramon from 1986 to 1995, starting Dilbert in 1989. Across the country, the syndicated comic strip appears in over 2,000 publications.

“A philosophy I believe is nobody knows why they do anything. But if I had to analyze myself, it’s probably because I needed an outlet where I could meet people. The restaurant gives me that,” he stated.

Following the success of the Pleasanton site, the duo opened a second location. Stacey’s at Waterford has a larger bar, a banquet facility, and a more elegant atmosphere than the Pleasanton site does.

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Despite the fact that Adams clearly left his mark on the menus with remarks like, “You’d be crabby too if you were confined in a dungeness,” Adams must rely on others to sample the majority of the dishes because he is a vegetarian.

Adams and Miles separated in 2014, and Adams claimed that despite Miles moving just one block away, the two stayed friends.