Attractive single crypto influencer Tiffany Fong paid FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried a visit on Tuesday and stated he seemed “surprisingly optimistic” before his trial on several fraud counts. This visit lightened Bankman-Fried’s comfortable house detention, The Post learned.

During her visit to the alleged fraudster, who is currently holed up at his parents’ house in Stanford, California, and has been federally charged in what is expected to be one of the worst financial scandals in history, Tiffany Fong reportedly lingered late into the night, according to sources.

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Who is Tiffany Fong?

Tiffany Fong is a 26-year-old crypto influencer.

Fong, who has 40.8K Twitter followers and 19K YouTube subscribers, lists herself as a self-employed “Reluctant Crypto Content Creator” on LinkedIn. She claims that she received a message from Bankman-Fried while she was visiting her sister and her husband for the holidays in nearby San Francisco.

Fong, who was quickly rising in the crypto community, grabbed the attention of the Biden administration, who invited her to the White House Christmas Party. In an Instagram post of her beaming next to the president, she joked that she had let Biden “smell my hair.”

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The first person FTX founder Bankman-Fried spoke openly about his alleged polyamorous sex life to Fong, a specialist in crypto content, in a phone call that was initially made public in November.

When The Post reached out to her, she claimed that they had just spoken about business and that they had met the ankle-tracking former billionaire in the home’s library.

In reference to the potential 115-year prison sentence Bankman-Fried might receive if found guilty of all counts, Fong noted that Bankman-Fried “seemed similar to how he always is,” adding he “remains surprisingly optimistic, although aware of [the gravity of his situation].”

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“He doesn’t seem to want to talk too much about worst case scenarios,” she added.

Fong has closely followed FTX’s implosion and Bankman-Fried’s legal troubles on her YouTube channel, which she claims she started to “vent” about cryptocurrency.

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Fong described in her first YouTube video in June how she lost $US200,000 after Celsius Network, a US crypto lender, collapsed and filed for bankruptcy in New York in July.