Tiwana Turner is a high school teacher in Rockdale County, Georgia. She was in news recently after getting attacked by her ninth-grade student. She has sustained knee and leg injuries and is being hospitalized presently.

A video that went viral on social media on January 26, shows how a student and Turner got into a fight at a Heritage High School’s classroom. Following the video, photos of Turner in the hospital are also shared widely.

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What happened to Tiwana Turner?

Tiwana Turner is an English language Arts instructor at Heritage High School in Rockdale County, Georgia. She was filling in for a colleague on Thursday, the day when the incident happened leading to the assault. Basically, the argument started when Turner was attempting to “redirect off-task behavior”.

Afterwards, the ninth-grade student got up and started attacking her. The fight escalated and lead to serious violence against the teacher. In the footage shared, Turner was seen preventing Georgia as she tries to clutch her hair. The former was subsequently knocked to the ground. Thereafter, she was pulled away from the student. Georgia is charged with aggravated battery.

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As per the reports, Turner was taken to hospital care immediately after the incident. She has sustained a broken leg and multiple injuries. Subsequently, the president of Georgia Federation of Teachers has stated that she believes the student and parents should be held responsible.

What happened to Tiwana Turner has shocked the entire county. Turner’s friends have also responded to the attack on Facebook and called the attack “absolutely horrible”. One of her friends have also created a GoFundMe account to support her during her medical care. Turner has also shared the details of the attack on the GoFundMe page.