The purported girlfriend of the shooter at Robb Elementary School is currently in federal custody, arrested last week for making threats against the Uvalde community, according to court records obtained by KSAT Investigates. Victoria Gabriela Rodriguez-Morales, aged 19, is facing a charge of making threats using interstate communications and is held in federal custody at the Puerto Rico Metropolitan Detention Center.

Court documents reveal a history of threats dating back to 2018, with the FBI and Secret Service investigating threats against public institutions, officials, and private citizens in Uvalde from individuals in Puerto Rico. Rodriguez-Morales had been previously investigated in Texas since 2018 for similar threats against Uvalde officials, citizens, and facilities.

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In 2018, while residing in Uvalde, Rodriguez-Morales was held in a juvenile detention center for sending threatening emails to kill public officials, shoot schools, and harm teachers and students. Upon her release in May 2020, she and her family relocated to Puerto Rico.

The threats persisted over the following three years, making references to the shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022. The arrest affidavit includes quotes from comments and posts allegedly made by Rodriguez-Morales on various social media platforms and through emails. She identified the Uvalde shooter by name in these communications, but KSAT 12 News opted not to use his name to avoid granting him notoriety.

In a comment on Instagram on May 22, 2023, Rodriguez-Morales claimed to have informed former Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo about the planned Robb Elementary shooting before it occurred. She expressed dissatisfaction with Arredondo’s response and alleged she had warned him about the impending violence.

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The teen continued to make threats against Uvalde High School and the new elementary school being constructed, including comments on a game streaming website, Kick, indicating intentions to shoot Uvalde Texas high school and Texas A&M college. The arrest sheds light on an alarming pattern of threats spanning several years and underscores the ongoing challenges related to online threats and potential acts of violence within communities.