Just weeks after starting a new job at Netflix, a missing New York engineer inexplicably vanished after taking a rideshare to San Francisco. More than $70,000 has been contributed to support the search for him.

Who is Yohanes Kidane?

Kidane, a black man with a height of 5 feet 8 inches, a weight of around 150 pounds, and who graduated from Cornell University in May, was last seen wearing grey sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and black sneakers.

Yohanes Kidane, 22, who was last seen getting into an Uber on the evening of August 14 is still unaccounted for as his family begs for additional help on a GoFundMe page.

The GoFundMe account has received $74,000 as of Tuesday morning for travel, private detectives, attorneys, and other resources for the search, according to its description. “A search effort by his family, friends, and peers is underway,” it states.

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After sharing his hesitation about using ridesharing services alone following a “strange encounter” with an Uber driver, Kidane vanished a few days later.

The Saturday before he vanished, Kidane was trying to return home when he had an unexpected and uneasy trip with an Uber driver who insisted on taking a different route to his San Jose residence.

“The driver was insistent on taking him through Oakland, and Yohanes, suspicious of his intentions, was finally able to cancel his ride after crossing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge,” the GoFundMe said.

“After this ordeal, he expressed his hesitancy in ridesharing alone,” according to the page.

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Days after expressing his reservations about ridesharing, Kidane was seen on surveillance footage leaving his apartment in downtown San Jose and getting into a car with an Uber sticker on the side.

According to Kidane’s brother Yosief, two young colleagues of his saw him and were able to talk to him. He claimed to be travelling to San Francisco to possibly run into a friend. “He was last seen leaving his apartment complex and getting into a black Toyota Camry on the video I saw of him.”

Kidane, a software engineer who had recently been employed by the streaming giant after moving from Webster, New York, to the Bay Area in July, was in his second week of employment there.

Kidane spent the majority of the night of August 14 at the Golden Gate Bridge, according to his phone’s location. But in accordance with the fundraiser and a missing persons poster issued by his brother, his personal items were eventually discovered the following morning close to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Centre in San Francisco.