Anthony Duran, a 10-year-old California boy, died in a trampoline park following a dispute with another boy, prompting his family to dissmiss police assertions that the death was accidental. A GoFundMe page has been set up in his honor.

Angela Duran, Anthony’s aunt, organized the event. So far, $28,100 has been raised toward their target of $30,000.

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Who was Anthony Duran?

Anthony Duran was a 10 year-old-boy who died on April 16, 2023, in a trampoline park following a fight with another boy.

On April 13, the young victim, Anthony Duran, was playing basketball with a group of other youngsters at the Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Merced when he and another child got into a fight, according to witnesses.

Witnesses said Duran collapsed at the trampoline park on West Main Street in Merced, a city about 100 miles east of San Jose, as the other youngster, whose name was not released, rushed away.

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The young kid was given CPR by onlookers until emergency personnel arrived. He was taken to the hospital right away, but on April 16 he passed away from his wounds.

According to KFSN, family and friends claimed that Duran “dunked” the other child and “actually beat them,” which the other child “did not like.” This is when the brawl started.

At 3:30 p.m., the Merced Police Department released an updated statement. “Merced youth succumbs to ‘accident’ injuries,” reads the headline, but Duran’s family refutes these assertions and demands a thorough inquiry.

According to them, Duran was in good health, and there is no evidence to imply that a medical emergency unconnected to the beating was the reason of his death.

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The cause of death for Duran has not yet been disclosed by the Merced County Coroner’s Office.

Police claim that the incident was caught on surveillance footage, and 35 witnesses who were there at the time provided statements that were recorded, according to a department news release.

They said that witnesses said they saw Duran fighting with a child inside the restaurant while also watching him play basketball. Duran lost consciousness as a result, and the other adolescent went off on foot. Duran was sent to a local trauma facility, but he tragically passed away there. In order to decide whether to bring charges, officials said they are analyzing the matter with the Merced County District Attorney’s office.