Enoch Apodaca, 46, a former congregant, was found dead on December
25, 2022, outside the building of Kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado.

Reports suggest that Enoch Apodaca is suspected to have bombed the office
of the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 68 building earlier
that day.

Enoch Apodaca on the day of Christmas first killed his 44-year-old
wife Melissa Apodaca and then turned the gun to himself and died.

According to the police, Apodaca also planted three explosives
inside the worship hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. None of the explosives
planted by Enoch in the Suburban Denver of Colorado detonated.

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Enoch Apodaca went to the local 68 building
at 8: 45 a.m. with a bucket. There was a massive explosion reported after he left
the hall and went into a car, prompting the police to suspect that the 46-year-old was behind the
explosion. The explosives used at the hall were similar to the ones planted in the Kingdom hall’s building.

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Who was Enoch Apodaca?

Enoch Apodaca was a 46-year-old man, who was found dead along with his wife on December 25, 2022, outside the Kingdom hall’s building. Apodaca first killed his wife with a gun and then proceeded to shoot himself. He also planted explosives at the Kingdom Hall.

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Apodaca, reports suggest, had earlier threatened violence to several individuals. After he lost his job as an electrician in 2021, he had written a letter that stated that he
would kill his wife, Melissa and a union representative. His employer
also sought a protection order against Apodaca after the latter threatened to harm people who
were responsible for him losing his job.

Enoch Apodaca and his wife were former members of
the Kingdom Hall congregation.

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The Thornton Police Department said that Apodaca “approached Melissa, who had exited the truck, and shot her in the back
of the head with a shotgun. Enoch then shot himself with the same shotgun.”