Police officials have identified a gunman in the shooting at New Hampshire Hospital on Saturday where a 63-year-old security officer was killed. The shooter has been identified as John Madore.

The person suspected of shooting and killing New Hampshire Department of Safety security guard Bradley Haas has been identified by investigators.

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Who was John Madore?

John Madore was 33 years old. According to Attorney General John Formella, Bradley Haas is believed to have been shot and killed by John Madore.

At the time of the incident, Haas, a Franklin native and former head of police in the community, was employed by the hospital as a security guard.

During the event, at 3:38 p.m., first responders arrived at New Hampshire Hospital, located off Clinton Street in the state capital city, swiftly.

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“The suspect entered the lobby and shot one person,” said New Hampshire State Police Director Col. Mark Hall. As a result, the suspect was instantly shot and killed by a state trooper who was nearby and assigned to the hospital.

Attorney General John Formella emphasized that the hospital is a secure inpatient psychiatric unit by pointing out that John Madore did not evade the metal detectors in the foyer.

Madore, who was characterized as transitory, had lately visited Concord and slept in a hotel near the Seacoast. Investigators are still looking into any possible connections between him and Bradley Haas or the hospital.

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Haas was with the Franklin Police Department for 28 years, starting as a patrol officer and ending as chief. Before joining the Franklin Police Department, Haas spent three years as a military police officer in the United States Army, according to officials.

The state’s commissioner of health and human services, Lori Weaver, expressed her astonishment and sadness over the tragedy that occurred at the New Hampshire State Hospital today at a press conference. Every patient and healthcare employee is secure. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family and our affected coworkers.