Omar Moumeche, a teenager, was convicted of killing an Army veteran with a single punch. The veteran had intervened when Moumeche’s friends were acting inappropriately on an escalator. Moumeche was sixteen years old when it happened.

Dennis Clarke was fatally struck by Moumeche on May 6, 2021, at the Derby bus station. The 82-year-old veteran had a cracked skull and a brain bleed as a result of the punch that prompted him to collapse. Nine days after being hospitalized, Clarke, who had been a soldier in Singapore as a teenager, passed away from his wounds.

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Who is Omar Moumeche?

Omar Moumeche was 16 at the time of the incident (currently 18). He was found guilty of manslaughter for his act. 

A security guard steps in during the initial altercation and leads Dennis Clarke—who is holding his shopping—out of the door. 

Three young people hurl insults at the lone retiree as he tries to leave the fight to catch a bus; at least two of them are recording the whole thing on their phones. 

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At the ticket counter of the Derby bus station, where Clarke is encircled by the mob, the situation gets worse. After being shoved, Clarke approaches to confront Omar Moumeche, who lands a single blow to his face.

Omar Moumeche was given a two-year juvenile jail sentence on Friday by Judge Shaun Smith KC in connection with Dennis Clarke’s death.

“Our investigation was assisted by the capture of CCTV footage and numerous witness accounts, all of which were presented during the trial,” said Detective Inspector Mark Shaw, the inquiry’s lead detective. The jurors rejected the defendant’s version of events because of the high bar and the balance that had to be met. The defendant claimed he acted in self-defense.”

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“The tragic events of that day have had a devastating effect on both the defendant’s and Mr. Clarke’s families,” DI Shaw continued. The things that Mr. Moumeche did at that precise moment will affect him going forward as well as throughout his prison term and in the short term.”