The body of a missing Blair man named Ronald Harvey was discovered Thursday.

Harvey was found on the Nebraska side of the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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Who was Ronald Harvey?

Born in 1965, Ronald Harvey was a man from Nebraska. He went missing in 2022 and his body was found almost a year later in 2023.

A Washington County Sheriff deputy, US Fish and Wildlife officers, and members of the Fort Calhoun fire department discovered his body in a thickly wooded wetland area.

On May 3, 2022, Harvey was last seen. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Harvey went mushroom hunting.

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Every day since he was reported missing, authorities said there has been a huge search operation involving at least 20 individuals, including law enforcement and volunteers.

Since then, authorities from all around the region have been conducting regular searches near the preserve. Because of the first search, a portion of the preserve was restricted to the public for a few days.

Dozens of people and agencies have participated in searches around wildlife areas where Harvey was suspected to have gone mushroom hunting. His automobile was discovered on the Nebraska side of Desoto Bend, forcing officials to shift their attention to the Iowa side and, more specifically, the Missouri River on Tuesday.

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The Blair Fire Department and police from Fort Calhoun, Ponca Hills, Omaha, Logan, and Missouri Valley in Iowa, among other local law enforcement agencies, contributed to the search effort as well. In addition to drones from OPD, Blair PD, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the search has also involved OPD Able-1 and LifeNet aircraft.