A pregnant mother identified as Ta’Kiya Young, was shot by police in a Kroger parking lot near Columbus, Ohio, last week.

She was suspected of shoplifting alcohol last Thursday, leading to an encounter with police in Blendon Township, which is situated near the Westerville suburb northeast of Columbus.

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Who was Ta’Kiya Young?

Ta’Kiya Young was 21 years old. She was a resident of Columbus. Her unborn daughter did not survive the incident, but her family has revealed that she was due in November. Young was a mother to two sons who were six and three years old.

According to Blendon Police Chief John Belford, a supermarket clerk told the cops who happened to be in the store for an unrelated reason that many people were leaving the store with stolen goods. 

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Ta’Kiya Young, who was accused of consuming many bottles of alcohol, was one of those people. Belford claimed that while the other police took a position in front of Young’s car, one of the officers approached the driver’s side and ordered her to stop.

The cop who was directly in Ta’Kiya Young’s path then fired a single shot through the front windshield, according to Belford, after Ta’Kiya Young put the car in drive and began to move forward. Young’s vehicle carried on for another 50 feet or so before coming to a stop on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Tragically, not long after the incident, Young was declared dead. 

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Authorities in Ohio released the bodycam video of Ta’Kiya Young’s fatal police shot on Friday. In the video, Young is seen driving slowly in the direction of the officer who is blocking her route. The officer repeatedly yells at her to stop before fatally shooting her with a single shot. One officer can also be seen repeatedly ordering Young out of the car while positioned at the driver’s side window in the footage, which was made public more than a week after the incident.