A Killeen resident has been identified as the person responsible for the officer-involved shooting that happened early on Sunday morning by the Temple Police Department. The woman has been recognized as Tiffany McCoy.

In Temple, McCoy was killed in the early morning hours of September 24 in an officer-involved incident. When there were allegations of a shooting in the 500 block of North 12th Street, Temple Police officers were summoned to a disturbance at 12:59 in the morning.

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Who was Tiffany McCoy?

Tiffany McCoy was 32 years old. She was a resident of Killeen. In Temple, an officer-involved shooting occurred in the wee hours of September 24, killing McCoy. Around 12:59 a.m., Temple Police officers were called to a disturbance in the 500 block of North 12th Street where there had been reports of a shooting.

When the authorities arrived, McCoy was there, and they discovered that she was carrying a gun. According to reports, McCoy pointed the gun toward the officers, causing one of them to fire, hitting McCoy.

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Emergency Medical Services, Temple Fire and Rescue, and police officers provided immediate medical care on the spot. McCoy received immediate care before being taken to Baylor Scott and White Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital’s medical staff later declared her dead.

The involved officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay in accordance with customary practice while the inquiry is conducted. In addition, a detailed investigation into the incident’s specifics has been undertaken by internal affairs.

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The investigation into this matter is still ongoing, and authorities are pleading with anyone who may have information to come forward. The Temple Police Department is advised if anyone knows anything about this occurrence. The police authorities have not disclosed more information in the case.