President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, has been removed from the White House due to a string of biting incidents involving Secret Service agents and White House personnel.

The communications director for the First Lady, Elizabeth Alexander, underscored that the President and the First Lady share a commitment to the security of White House personnel and those who look out for them.

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The most recent biting incident involving the Commander occurred on September 25. According to USSS chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service officer in uniform was bitten at the White House that evening and got on-site medical attention. 

Alexander noted that the White House may be a difficult setting for household dogs and that the Bidens are actively developing plans to assist Commander in navigating the complex terrain of the White House grounds.

The White House physician’s office sent a Secret Service officer to the hospital for treatment on November 3, 2022, according to internal Secret Service communications, which were revealed over the summer by the New York Post. As per reports, the dog bit the officer on the thigh and the arm.

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The White House grounds superintendent Dale Haney, according to a Daily Mail article, was allegedly bitten by Commander a few weeks ago. According to Haney, who spoke to Fox News, Alexander stressed that the dog’s behaviors were playful and that there was no actual bite or tooth pressure on Haney’s flesh.

The purebred German shepherd bit or assaulted Secret Service agents at least eleven more times between October 2022 and January, according to Department of Homeland Security documents. This includes an incident where the hurt law enforcement officer had to go to the hospital.

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The second of Biden’s dogs to act aggressively at the White House, including biting Secret Service agents and staff members, is Commander. The Bidens ultimately decided to have their first dog, a German shepherd named Major, live with friends in Delaware as a result of these experiences.