An emergency evacuation alert was issued for Trail Court next to the Genoa Cemetery in Nevada after dozens of callers reported a fast spreading wildfire on Friday.

Initial reports from first responders suggest that a large of amount of smoke is visible near the site of the fire and that one structure may already be ablaze.

According to Nevada Appeal, the wildfire was first reported around 2.40pm local time, when it had already spread across a one acre area, with residents reporting that the fire was spreading rapidly.

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Firefighters from across the East Fork District rapidly responded to the fire, amid the threat of the northward wind carrying the fire to homes along Centennial.

People have been advised to avoid the area where efforts to contain the blaze are currently underway.

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Traffic has been affected too by the fast spreading blaze: as per reports, the Jacks Valley Road had been shut and traffic coming into Genoa Lane from Highway 395 has been limited.

Authorities are also reportedly going to door to door in Trail County to advise residents to evacuate immediately.

At the time of writing this, it was unclear how far the fire had spread and whether it had been contained.

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The Genoa Cemetery fire is the latest in a series of climate disasters to befall the US.

While massive, historic floods in Montana and Wyoming led to the evacuation of more than 10,000 visitors from the Yellowstone National Park earlier this week, violent thunderstorms in Ohio left half a million households without power.

Meanwhile, record setting heatwaves from Nebraska to South Carolina left more than 100 million US citizens under heatwave warnings, and killed more than 2,000 cattle in Kansas alone.