Chicago Police confirmed they were responding to an ‘active shooter’ situation at Willis Tower, formerly called Sears Tower, in the Chicago Loop, on Wednesday afternoon, NBC reported. 

When asked about what happened at the skyscraper located at 233 S. Wacker Dr, police superintendent David Brown said in a press conference that officers had found reports of the active shooter to be unfounded. 

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“Not accurate reports of any kind of active shooter — debunked it almost immediately. Taking good care and ensuring that there’s no other activity currently”, Brown said, adding that they were taking “every precaution”, in light of the mass shootings in the US. 

For now, the authorities are following normal protocols until the report is debunked. 

Cops gave the “All clear” after it was suspected that the shooter was on the 50th floor. People were reportedly sheltering on the 39th floor, awaiting an all-clear to be sounded over the PA system. 

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The situation seems to be in hand now, with reports emerging that people are taking pictures on the observation deck. One took a photo on the side facing Wacker Drive, where the commotion down on the street is visible, as the police tried to respond to the active shooter call. 

The authorities cleared multiple floors before dismissing the threat. 

An email sent from the Willis Tower management to those who work inside also categorized the situation as under control. 

“To all Willis Tower tenants, please be advised that reports of an active shooter in the building are false. There may be a police presence in the building as we conclude this situation, but the Willis Tower remains safe”, the email read. 

Illinois has some of the strongest gun laws in the US, but the state is on edge, especially after the Highland Park shooting, where a gunman opened fire on a July 4 parade.