Winston Churchill’s painting, featuring popularly bibulous World War II British leader’s favourite brand of
whisky, garnered nearly 1 million pound on Tuesday at an auction in London.

The painting, reportedly
made in 1930s, presents a bottle of Johnny Walker’s Black label whisky and a
bottle of brandy with a jug and glasses was sent to auction earlier today in
online mode.

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The sale, which took place
at a Sotheby’s auction of modern and post-war British art, was among the
highest grossing Churchill paintings fetching five times above the pre-sale

Painted at Churchill’s country house of Chartwell, in southeast
England, the still life called “Jug with Bottles” reflected his fondness
for the Johnny Walker blend, which he often drank first thing in the morning
with soda water.

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It is believed that the
artwork was later given to the American businessman W Averell Harriman, who
acted as US special envoy to Europe in the 1940s reportedly shared an amicable
bond with Churchill as a photograph of Harriman sitting between Churchill and
Stalin in Moscow in 1942 suggest.

Churchill who was the famous politician would give paintings to like-minded people.”
said Simon Hucker, co-head of modern and post-war British art at Sotheby’s,
ahead of the auction as reported by AFP.