The family of a 15-year-old kid who was referred to be a “beautiful, fun-loving, smiley” person and whose artworks raised £250,000 for charity has announced his passing.

The boy was recognized as Noah aka Background Bob.

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Who was Noah Jones aka Background Bob?

Noah was 15 years old. He used to live in Dedham, Essex. He started a painting project three years ago. He has since collaborated with painters worldwide to raise money for the NHS hospital that treated him. Notably, he collaborated with stars like Grayson Perry and Ed Sheeran.

Noah, often referred to as Background Bob, was suffering from cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy.

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Nathan Jones, Noah’s father, reflected on their treasured memories and discussed the enduring influence of their time together.

Nathan Jones in a Facebook post after Noah’s death wrote, “It has been extremely special sharing our little legend with you all. You’ve all helped produce so many special moments and memories over the last three years. Moments we will cherish forever. He had a blast, made his mark and we are so proud of him.”

Unable to attend school during the first COVID-19 lockdown, Noah started drawing on cardboard to pass the time. Mr. Jones, his father, sent an invitation to work with his son on Instagram. The response was tremendous, with street artists stepping up to contribute from all around the world.

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The concept proved so successful that the artwork produced for it was shown in multiple shows at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester. The joint pieces were also featured in several books that the family published. Notably, the Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals Charity benefited from the auction of the artwork created for these projects. The money raised benefited the hospital trust that had treated Noah in three different programs.