a 28-year-old man has been apprehended by South Wales Police on suspicion of attempted murder following the stabbing of a 29-year-old woman in Aberfan, South Wales. The incident unfolded at around 9:10 am on Tuesday on Moy Road, where the victim, a mother taking her children to school, was attacked. She sustained injuries but is reported to be in stable condition at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Police Response and Manhunt

Responding swiftly to the incident, officers initiated a manhunt as the suspect fled the scene immediately after the stabbing. The authorities launched an intensive search, leading armed police to an address on Wyndham Street in Troedyrhiw, approximately 1.5 miles away from the stabbing site. Dramatic footage captured the arrest of the suspect at the Troedyrhiw location.

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Arrest and Ongoing Investigation

South Wales Police confirmed the arrest of the 28-year-old man from Merthyr on suspicion of attempted murder. The suspect is currently in police custody as investigations into the motive and circumstances surrounding the incident continue.

Community Concerns and MP’s Response

Aberfan, known for its close-knit community, is grappling with concerns following the stabbing, according to MP Gerald Jones. The Labour MP emphasized the tight community bonds and highlighted the closure of the community center and lockdown of schools due to their proximity to Moy Road. Jones conveyed the serious concern within the community about the incident.

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Eyewitness Lynne Terrett described the chilling moment when her daughter witnessed the attack while walking her dog. The victim, pregnant at the time, was attended to by emergency services, including an air ambulance and a high acuity response unit. The Welsh Ambulance Service conveyed the injured woman to the University Hospital of Wales for further treatment.