The Socialist Worker Party (SWP) mourns the loss of Doreen Jaques, a dedicated comrade and former nurse who passed away last week. Her commitment to revolutionary ideals defied age, proving that the spirit of activism knows no bounds. Doreen’s journey into political activism began in her 70s, sparked by her profound opposition to fracking, and her legacy is one of resilience and unwavering dedication to social justice.

Who is Doreen Jaques?

Doreen Jaques, a retired nurse, found her political voice in her later years when the threat of fracking galvanized her into action. The idea of drilling deeply disturbed her, prompting her to join Frack Free Scarborough. From leafletting to participating in protest marches and blockades against fracking sites nationwide, Doreen became a formidable force in the fight against environmental degradation.

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However, her activism extended beyond environmental concerns. Witnessing the harsh treatment of protesters by the police and engaging in conversations about racism, exploitation, and the state, Doreen expanded her advocacy. She actively marched against fascists and lent her support to various strikes, embodying the essence of a true revolutionary.

Doreen’s journey led her to Socialist Worker Party (SWP) meetings, where her dedication caught the attention of fellow members. What began as a joke about recruiting her eventually became a reality when Doreen embraced the SWP’s mission. Although her recent years saw a slight slowdown in activism, she continued to contribute, participating in protests against the fascist Yorkshire Patriots and joining the Scarborough Pride event in late September.

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As news of Doreen Jaques’ passing circulates, the York and Scarborough SWP extend their deepest sympathies to her daughter Andrea and her son Ian. Doreen’s legacy as a passionate activist and advocate for social change will undoubtedly inspire those who continue the fight for a more just and equitable society.