Elon Musk has informed co-investors who agreed to contribute money to his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, that he intends to close the deal by Friday, October 28. A report by Bloomberg suggests that Musk’s attorneys have provided the necessary documentation for the financing commitment to equity investors Sequoia Capital, Binance, Qatar Investment Authority, and others.

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The action is the most definite indication yet that Musk intends to abide by the judge’s order in Delaware requiring that the deal be finalized by October 28. According to a report from Bloomberg, the banks, which are providing $13 billion in debt financing, have completed the final credit agreement and are in the process of signing the documentation, one of the last steps before actually sending the money to Tesla CEO.

During a video conference call on October 24, with bankers who are helping to finance the deal, Musk reportedly promised to close the deal. Twitter, on the other hand, has not yet responded. Furthermore, Musk’s legal team has also not issued an official statement on the matter.

On October 25, Twitter stocks were trading 3% higher at $52.95 than it had been at $54.20 earlier in the day as a result of the news. For the acquisition, Musk has promised to contribute $46.5 billion in equity and debt financing, covering the acquisition’s $44 billion price tag and closing costs. A total of 13 billion dollars in debt financing will be provided by banks, including Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Corp, to support the deal.

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A $7.1 billion investment will be made by equity investors led by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Oracle Corp. co-founder Larry Ellison. After months of rumours that the erratic entrepreneur would back out of the takeover, the deal will finally be finalized. Musk has positioned himself as an advocate for free speech and has criticized Twitter’s approach to policing violent or hateful content, which has resulted in the banning of numerous prominent conservative voices.