The Google Doodle for June 19 celebrates Father’s Day with a graphics interchange format (gif). 

The doodle shows the bond between a father and their child, transitioning from when the father takes care of the child to when the child looks after the father.

This story is told simply through hand movements. The Google doodle shows two hands fingerpainting, the father and child holding hands, and then the child’s hand over the father’s, who is using a walking stick. 

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The concept of Father’s Day can be traced back to the American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, who raised his daughter Sonora, in Spokane, Washington. Since her mother had died giving birth, the girl and her brothers were raised by Smart singlehandedly. 

She felt her father also deserved recognition, after hearing a Church sermon about Mother’s Day. Sonora went to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance, asking them to recognize June 5, Smart’s birthday, as Father’s Day. However, celebrations were later shifted to the third Sunday of the month. 

US President Lyndon B Johnson made it official in 1996 by signing a proclamation. 

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Children, on this day, recognize and appreciate the roles played by father figures and fathers. These individuals are an integral part of children’s lives and the day celebrates that while also acknowledging the contributions fathers have towards their families and society. 

While children try to come up with a variety of gifts and other ideas to make the day special for their fathers, the search engine has gone with animated doodles to capture the mood. In 2021, Google shared yet another doodle and said at the time “Whether they’re near or far, make Dad a little piece of art from your heart in today’s interactive, digital card-maker Doodle. Happy Father’s Day!” 

Some countries like Portugal and Spain observe Father’s Day on March 19, which is the feast of St Joseph, but India follows the same date as the US.