Halloween is one of
the most popular festivals in the world and every year on October 31 children
and adults take the opportunity to dress up in a quirky manner. Google used
the opportunity to come up with a new creative doodle (a Google Doodle is a temporary
change of Google’s standard logo which appears on homepages).

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The company’s
Halloween doodle has been made in the form of an animation. Two crows can be
seen with one of them brewing a magic potion and the other one lighting a candle
inside a pumpkin – as if to cast a spell or for using at as a jack-o’-lantern.
They are also treating themselves to some fruits which can be seen kept on a

The holiday’s origins can
be traced back to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Scotland and Ireland.
In the 21st century, Halloween has become a big celebration in
English speaking nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and

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In ancient times, the holiday
signified a change of season and the people used to clean their houses and
prepare for winters. The Celts believed that at night the doors of the World of
Dead are opened and spirits can penetrate the earth.

In order to keep
themselves safe people used to restrain from lighting fire in their houses.
They dressed up in animal skins and left sweets on their doorstep for the ghosts.

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While Halloween has
lost its significance over time, the day offers an opportunity to wind down in
an otherwise busy life. Skins of animals have been replaced by costumes and the
sweets that were kept to keep ghosts at bay are now given to children (arguably
the closest beings to devils).

A number of things
have changed but “Jack’s lamp” remains the symbol of the holiday.