Initially created by fans, March 10 is celebrated as Mario Day in the fond memory of the popular video game character – Mario, the Italian plumber who goes through adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has been an integral part of every videogame player’s journey. Although it has been so long since it first started and has changed various versions since ( and even developers), the game and the pleasant character have never failed to connect with its audience.

First started in 1985, the game has stayed through changing technologies. It was developed by Nintendo EAD till the year 2015 after which, it was taken handled by Nintendo EPD.

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Although initially, this event was a fan-made one to mark a day in honour of the popular video game character, it was soon also accepted by Nintendo. To celebrate this day, Nintendo also gives discounts to all its product which is strange since Nintendo is famous for its rigid pricing.

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On ‘Mario Day’, fans have taken to Twitter to express ‘Happy Mario Day’. People have been sharing their Mario items, art, and memories related to the video game.

Mario, the video game, follows the adventures of the Italian plumber, who faces many evil creatures on his way to reach his destination.