San Francisco on Tuesday woke up witnessing an earthquake having a magnitude of 3.7 and a depth of 3.11 miles, The Sun reported.

The quake was first detected by the United States Geological Survey at around 6.58 am (PST) with an epicentre 22.4 miles southeast of San Jose. Just one minute later, another earthquake of 3.6 magnitude was felt near the same area.

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However, damage to structures was unlikely.

Following the mini-disaster, many residents turned to Twitter asking if the “nature’s alarm” was real.

“I was born and raised on the west coast. I lived through the San Francisco earthquake, and many other earthquakes. I have been trained on how to handle an earthquake and tsunami,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“You know you’re in San Francisco when you feel an earthquake but decide to go back to sleep. This [earthquake] was not gonna take the extra 10 min of sleep I was gonna get!” said the other.