A huge meteor was spotted falling across the UK night sky. People have been posting videos of the same on social media. The UK’s Met Office has also confirmed the sightings on its official Twitter account.

The Met Office said in a tweet, “Reports of a meteor in the sky over the UK just now. If you managed to take any footage we’d love to see it”

A number of civilians began posting videos of the meteor following this post. Check out some of them right here:

Only a few days ago, the 2023 Quadrantids (meteor shower) appeared in the night sky. These showers are usually seen in the night sky from the middle of November to the middle of January every year. However, it has not been made clear by any official source whether tonight’s meteor is a part of the Quadrantids.

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Why does a meteor fall?

When comets disintegrate, the debirs keep revolving around the sun in elliptical orbits. When they enter the earth’s orbit, the disintegrated parts get pulled towards the planet’s surface due to gravitation, and that is when they fall to the earth.

Famous meteor craters

Meteors that fall on land usually leave craters (depending upon their size, small ones burn up due to the friction with the earth’s atmosphere) and some of them strike the earth’s surface and make a crater in the same.

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Some of the most famous craters include the Kaali craters on the eponymous Estonian islands that struck the Earth somewhere around 1500 BC, the Henbury crater in Australia that formed in 2200 BC, and the Macha craters in Russia that formed in 5300 BC.