the Prophet Mohammed might encourage “violence and bloodshed”, Iranian
President Hassan Rouhani warned on Wednesday as France continues to defend caricatures
depicting the Prophet.

the prophet is no achievement. It’s immoral. It’s encouraging violence,”
Rouhani was quoted by AFP as saying during a televised speech.

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“It’s a
surprise that this would come from those claiming culture and democracy, that
they would somehow, even if unintentionally, encourage violence and bloodshed,”
he added.

The killing
of a school teacher who displayed cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in Paris has evoked
a strong response from French President Emmanuel Macron, who continues to defend
the right to mock religions along with secular values.

his comments have resulted in widespread protests and calls to boycott French
goods in a number of Muslim-majority countries.

Rouhani stated
that western countries “should understand” that “insulting the Prophet is insulting
all Muslims, all prophets, all human values,” apart from “trampling ethics”.

single European is in debt to the Prophet, as he was the teacher of humanity,” Rouhani

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He also urged Western nations to “stop interfering in Muslims’ internal affairs” if they truly sought peace, equality calm and security in society. 

On Tuesday, summoned the charge d’affairs, a senior French envoy, to protest against Macron’s comments and the “unacceptable behaviour of the French authorities”.