Hours after several social media posts said Dave Courtney had died, his official Twitter account confirmed that the gangster turned author had shot himself.

Initially, a Facebook post by Manny Clark, stating that Courtney had taken his own life, has raised concerns within the online community. Expressing deep sorrow and disbelief, Clark’s heartfelt message prompted a flood of condolences and support from individuals familiar with Courtney’s work and persona.

Clark posted, “I am gutted to get the news that my old friend Dave Courtney shot himself dead at 4am this morning. I have no idea why he done it, if only he’d have called me.”

He continued, “RIP Dave Courtney. My heart goes out to his family, especially his poor Mum who is in her 90’s and Davey boy was her world. His daughter Courtney D Courtney also, hopefully I’ll get a call from her, I just checked and I’ve not got her number.”

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Author Rocky Triani posted on Facebook, “This is a post I never thought I would be writing. The loss of Dave Courtney is beyond words so heartbreaking to write. Dave had been a close friend for many years as well as a great support for my charity work as photo shows here and even for a little sick girl just couple years ago dressed a father Christmas.”

Triani continued, “Dave had a heart of pure gold and would help anyone that genuinely needed it. I will miss my Christmas eve call this year. Such a sad loss and one that has broken many hearts too. God bless you sir you will be so sadly missed.”

Amid the social media buzz, an additional tweet from BKB™ Official paid tribute to Courtney, hinting at his long-standing support for bare-knuckle boxing in the UK. The post further fueled the outpouring of tributes, emphasizing Courtney’s perceived legacy and impact within certain circles.

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Initially, in an attempt to control the spread of unverified information, an official tweet from the account of Dave Courtney OBE urged caution and called for waiting until an official statement was released. However, now his death has been confirmed by the same account.

Courtney’s controversial background, coupled with prior accusations of embellishing his criminal history, has added complexity to the narrative.

Also Read: Who was Dave Courtney? Cause of death, age, net worth, wife, career, gangster and more

Dave Courtney left a lasting impact on all those he touched and inspired throughout his life.