Environment activist Greta Thunberg was detained in Germany as the youngster was protesting alongside many other activists against demolishing a local village to make way for a coal mine. 

The 20 year old was in the news the past week for her hilarious interaction with social media personality Andrew Tate. It set the internet abuzz, and prompted a reaction from Tate. Tate posted a video reply to Greta, which helped the Romanian authorities identify the sigma male, eventually leading up to his arrest. 

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Thunberg was protesting at a coalmine in Garzweiler, situated some 5.6 miles away from the village of Luetzerath. For the expansion of the coal mine, the village was being razed which sparked a protest at the premises. 

The group was put into detention, but Thunberg was released after an identity check, said the police. 

Several conspiracies have bubbled up amidst the news, with Internet users pointing out to Thunberg’s possible blood relation with Rothschild family, a wealthy banking family. Many users beleive that Thunberg attained universal fame due to her association with the family. Twitter user @EmoryTatee, a fan of Tate, claims that Thunberg became a worldwide influencer because of her relations with the Rothschild family. 

Another user, Dr. Rohen Kapur states on his Twitter account that Thunberg is indeed related to the Rothschild Family, calling her “great great granddaughter of the first Baron Rothschild and the great granddaughter of , Joachim Rothschild-Thunberg.”

The user was referencing a tweet made by Neal Rothschild, in which he thanked Thunberg for making climate change get global attention. 

A third user @theicyscorpion iterated the same claim, attaching a TikTok video which said: Rothschild’s granddaughter/ why she was picked/ why she is protected/ why she is promoted/ New World Order princess. 

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The claims have been mentioned by European Renaissance website, also showing a family tree with mentions the activists name, although there is a possibility that the tree might be edited. Official sources are yet to respond to this. 

User Anja Weimer refuted these claims, tweeting that Lionel Rothschild, the supposed great-great grandfather of Thunberg, never had a son called Joachim Thunberg who would go on to become Thunberg’s great-grandfather. Joachim reportedly only had one daughter. They also claimed that Thunberg’s grandfather was Fritz Thunberg.