Jordanians were seen chanting slogans in support of Hamas outside the Israeli Embassy in Jordan.

In a development that has further strained the situation in the region, Israel has taken significant measures related to border crossings and checkpoints, causing disruptions for Palestinian travelers and residents. One of the notable closures was the Allenby/King Hussein/al-Karama Bridge crossing, a critical link between the West Bank and Jordan. Palestinian travelers were abruptly turned away, with no clear indication of when the crossing would reopen. While no official reason was provided, the move is widely believed to be connected to the ongoing conflict at the Gaza border with Israel.

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The city of Jericho, located to the east of the West Bank near the Jordanian borders and the Allenby crossing, also faced a shutdown of all its entrances. Additionally, checkpoints in the Jordan Valley were reported to be closed, further complicating the movement of individuals in the area.

Within Jerusalem, Israel took the drastic step of closing all checkpoints that connect the West Bank to East Jerusalem. These checkpoints are lifelines for thousands of people who traverse them daily, and their closure resulted in extensive traffic congestion. Among the affected checkpoints was the bustling Qalandia crossing.

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While the specific motivations behind these closures were not officially disclosed, they reflect the heightened security measures and restrictions on movement that often accompany rising tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These actions have substantial implications for the daily lives of Palestinian residents and travelers, underscoring the intricate challenges and disruptions faced by individuals living in areas affected by the ongoing conflict. As tensions persist in the region, the impact of such measures on the population remains a pressing concern, and the situation continues to evolve.