Juventus will be thrown out of Serie A if they don’t officially withdraw from the European Super League project, the head of the Italian Football Federation said Monday.

“If Juventus don’t respect the rules, they will be out,” Italian media reported FIGC president Gabriele Gravina as saying.

“At the moment of registering for the next Serie A season, they will be out if they have not pulled out from the Super League.”

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At the end of April, following the attempt to form the breakaway Super League which included Italy’s three biggest clubs AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juve, the FIGC adopted a rule which would exclude clubs who take part in competitions not sanctioned by governing bodies UEFA or FIFA.

Milan and newly-crowned Serie A champions Inter have since distanced themselves from the project, alongside seven other clubs from England and Spain.

On Friday European authority UEFA announced sanctions, including financial punishments, against those nine clubs after they “apologised” and acknowledged “a mistake”.

However on Saturday Juve, alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, defended the aborted competition and said they had received “unacceptable” threats from UEFA and FIFA.

Speaking to state broadcaster Rai on Monday, Gravina also said that he would be happy to act as a mediator between Juve and the continent’s governing body.

“This showdown between the clubs and UEFA is not good for Italian football nor for Juventus,” he said.