Kyiv mayor, Vitali Klitschko, said that despite representing Ukraine over the world as a Hall of Fame boxer, he is currently “very proud to be Ukrainian”, CNN reported. 

The heavyweight boxing champion-turned-politician said, as per CNN, “We stayed in front of one of the strongest armies in the world. The will to be independent is (the) main priority for us. And we’re defend(ing) our families, our city, our country and our future”. 

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Speaking to CNN, the mayor of Ukraine’s capital called on other countries to provide support, noting that it’d be difficult for Ukraine to survive against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s troops without help. 

Amidst news of Russian forces gathering at the outskirts of the capital, Klitschko noted that basic infrastructure, including water, electricity, and heating, are currently working fine in Kyiv. He also stated that the capital remains in contact with the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to send support and food, which is now en route, CNN reported. 

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However, as per the mayor, the best thing for Kyiv right now is if the world imposes more sanctions on Russia. He said, as per CNN, “We have to keep united. The war is not just for Ukraine. It’s (a) challenge for the whole modern world, for (the) whole democratic world”. 

The mayor also pointed fingers at President Putin, saying that he intended to make Ukraine a part of the Russian empire, by rebuilding the erstwhile USSR. However, he expressed confidence that Ukrainians would fight for every inch of Kyiv if Russian forces decided to advance into the city. 

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According to CNN, he said, “We expect a huge fight. But we’re fighting for our families”, before adding, “There is a huge patriotic movement right now. Old people — can you imagine — doctors, actors, actors from theatre, many professions that never had expectation to fight, to keep weapons, but right now they (are) coming to us. They’re ready to fight. It’s amazing”.