Katy Perry’s performance in the coronation at the Windsor Castle started with a swarm of lit drones lighting up the sky in the shape of a lion. She took the stage on Sunday following a performance by singer Lionel Ritchie, as well as by Lucy Illingworth – a 13-year-old blind and autistic pianist.

Watch it here:

The Coronation Concert commenced at 8pm and is anticipated to last for approximately two hours. The event is being broadcasted live on BBC One and hosted by Kirsty Young, the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. This is the first time that a concert is being held on the East Lawn of Windsor Castle. An estimated 20,000 individuals, including volunteers from the King and Queen’s charity affiliations, are present in the Windsor Castle grounds to witness the event.

What is the coronation concert?

The coronation concert refers to a musical performance or concert that is held to celebrate the coronation of a new monarch. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom, a coronation ceremony is held to mark the formal installation of a new king or queen. The coronation concert is often held as part of the festivities that surround this important event.