Liverpool FC footballer Sadio Mane admitted of having the worst season of his career. Mane added that at one stage, he even underwent medical checkup to know if there were any physical issues in his body.

The Senegal footballer has scored 13 goals, with only nine goals coming in the Premier League. Mane scored 10 goals in his first ever season with Southampton and 10 in his first season with Liverpool, but in less appearances than the current season. 

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Mane told French television channel Canal Plus, “This is the worst season of my career. I have to admit it. If you ask me what is wrong I will struggle to give you an answer. Personally I don’t know. I have always tried to be positive, whether things are going well or badly. I question myself all the time. I even underwent a test to take a look at my body. Am I eating the right foods, or has everything changed? But they checked the test results, and everything is fine.”

The Senegal footballer added, “I need to understand that in life there are ups and downs. I will keep on working hard – and perhaps in time this situation will pass.”

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In contrary, Mane’s teammate Mohamed Salah has been consistent in his performance. Salah has scored a total of 20 goals in the premier league, which is his all-time second best performance following the 32 goals that he scored in his first season in 2017-18.