Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel laureate returned to Pakistan on Tuesday to visit flood victims, nearly 10 years after she was shot by the Pakistani Taliban as part of an assassination attempt. 

She was just 15 years old when the group, which is independent from Afghan outfit, the sent militants to her home province to assassinate her for her campaign for girls’ education.

Yousafzai underwent life-saving treatment at a hospital in the United Kingdom. After recovering, she went on to become a global education advocate before becoming the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Her visit to her home country comes just two days after the 10th anniversary of the attack. She landed in Karachi, marking only her second visit back to Pakistan since the incident. Yousafzai will now travel to the areas that were hit hard by the unprecedented monsoon flooding. 

Her visit aims to “help keep international attention focused on the impact of floods in Pakistan and reinforce the need for critical humanitarian aid” according to a statement from her organisation, the Malala Fund. 

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Earlier this year during the monsoon season, a third of Pakistan faced catastrophic flooding which led to eight million people fleeing from their homes. As a result of the floods, the people are now facing a health crisis. The total damages have thus far been calculated to over $28 billion.

Students in Yousafzai’s school in the town of Mingora in the Swat Valley have recently been on strike in a bid to protest the rising incidents of violence in the region. The Pakistani Taliban has been seeing a resurgence since the bordering Afghanistan saw the return of the Taliban. The Pakistani outfit on the other hand, had wages a years long insurgency in the Swat Valley until 2014 when the military participated in a major crackdown that saw peace restored in the region.