On the night of 20th October 2023, a seismic event sent ripples through Mexico, marking yet another chapter in the nation’s enduring relationship with tectonic activity. At precisely 23:00:21 (UTC), an earthquake of 4.9 magnitudes originated approximately 117 kilometers west-southwest of Puerto Madero, Mexico. With the epicenter located at a depth of 10.0 kilometers, the tremors were widely felt across the region, sparking concerns among local residents and authorities alike.

The National Seismological Service (SSN) swiftly responded to the incident, providing critical details about the seismic disturbance. This event comes as a follow-up to the recent 4.0 magnitude earthquake registered in Oaxaca, adding to the growing tally of seismic occurrences in the region.

According to the SSN, the earlier earthquake struck at 03:40 a.m., precisely 10 kilometers east of Salina Cruz, in the state of Oaxaca. Its calculated depth was reported to be 6.5 kilometers, setting the ground for a further evaluation of the seismic landscape in the area.

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In a country where an average of 40 tremors are recorded daily, the citizens are no strangers to the occasional earth-shaking event.

Local media outlet Infobae echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the necessity for constant awareness and readiness in the face of potential seismic events. With the latest earthquake in Salina Cruz occurring at 3:40 local time (9:40 UTC) on the 20th of October, the urgency of bolstering Mexico’s seismic resilience has once again come to the forefront of national discourse.