At the beginning of the day on Monday, the online wallet established to support the family of the police officer who fatally shot Nahel had raised more than one million euros. On Twitter, the far-right activist Jean Messiha declared his support for this initiative to help the family of the agent who, in his words, “did his job and is paying a high price today.”

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He had initially launched a kitty on the Leetchi platform on Friday. But on Twitter Jean Messiha indicated on Friday that his kitty was ” suspended after 20 minutes when it reached nearly 5,000 euros “. On the Leetchi website, the kitty is indicated as being verified.

On Friday, the far-right polemicist started a new Gofundme campaign. This brought in over a million euros. 42,692 individuals donated in the event.

Since this past weekend, many people have called for its suspension, in notably Sleeping Giants France. This organization opposed to the funding of hate speech challenges the Twitter platform, requesting that it investigate whether the Jean Messiha-launched kitty complies with the site’s terms of service. His sheer existence “ignites the feeling of injustice and stirs up tensions,” the collective tweets. He further requests that Gofundme confirm that the funds raised are not utilized to cover the accused police officer’s legal expenses.

Since the introduction of this fund,  the controversy has grown. Many people are asking for its suspension, particularly on the left. Dominique Sopo, the leader of SOS Racisme, criticises a ” ignominy” started by a “far-right clown.” The platform is accused of being “complicit in the remuneration of a killer,” according to Thomas Portes, representative La France Insoumise.

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Olivier Faure, boss of the PS, also calls for the closure of the kitty. ” You maintain an already gaping fracture by participating in the support of a police officer indicted for intentional homicide. Close!”. Eric Bothorel, Renaissance deputy, accuses Jean Messiha of ” blowing on the embers ” with this ” indecent and scandalous ” initiative.
On the other hand, Eric Ciotti said he understood the process. ” That we support the family of a policeman who is also in a trial today, it does not seem shocking to me ,” said the president of the Republicans.