As part of his duties as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, actor Orlando Bloom visited Ukraine over the weekend and even shook hands with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. However, what got people on social media talking about his visit was his hand-to-heart gesture before he entered the room to meet Zelensky.

In a video, that is currently going viral, Bloom was seen placing his hand against his heart with his head bowed in a humble gesture before shaking Zelensky’s hand. The video is winning many hearts. As Bloom bows his head, Zelensky says “Welcome.”

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In another video, Bloom and Zelensky are seen joking and laughing together in a light moment. “My castle is in my heart,” says Bloom, touching his own heart to which Zelensky replies, “cool.” He then reaches over and touches Zelensky’s heart, saying, “You have a heart,” to which the Ukrainian president bursts out laughing.

Bloom traveled for three days through the Middle East country, which is still under siege by the Russian military. UNICEF, the United Nations org, provides international humanitarian aid to children.

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Bloom toured Irpin, Demydiv, and Kyiv, during his visit to the war-torn nation before meeting the Ukrainian president. Zelensky and Bloom then sat across the table to discuss how they could help the Ukrainian children as Russia continues to try and take over their country.

At one point, Bloom said, “To see the children, to see in their eyes – its palpable – the anxiety … and yet the strength of the Ukrainian people is something that is really awe-inspiring. And of course, your messaging is the reason for that. So it’s remarkable to see how you are holding this country.”