Russian President Vladimir Putin was spotted returning to Moscow from Kursk for an emergency meeting. The tension escalated in the country after the death of Wagner group head, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a fatal plane crash near Tver on Wednesday.

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Putin went to Kursk to attend the 80th celebration of the victory in the Battle of Kursk on August 23. He was spotted at the event unfazed by the news of Yevgeny Prighozhin’s death. The clips of the event where Putin was seen attending the event surfaced on the internet. In the video, Putin can be seen unbothered by the news of Prigozhin’s death.

Several X users also reacted to the clip. However, the new videos of Putin rushing back to Kremline tell us a different story. 

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Many X users started reacting to the newly surfaced videos of Putin speeding back to Moscow. One user tweeted, “The cause of Progozhin’s death is clearly being laid at the door of Putin according to reports from the Wagner Group. A rapidly developing cause for alarm seems to have Moscow on high alert. Very dangerous times ahead for us all !”

“The day Wagner decided to march on Moscow in the middle of a war, Prigozhin, the Jew, became a rebel leader and the most immediate threat to both Putin and Russia as a whole. His days were numbered since he pulled that trick.”, another X user wrote reacting to Prigozhin’s death.

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Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, was reportedly a passenger on a plane that tragically crashed, killing everyone on board, according to Russia’s civil aviation authorities. The Grey Zone confirmed Prigozhin’s death later on Wednesday, citing activities they claimed were by someone betraying Russia.