The initial group of 13 Israeli hostages, recently released by Hamas, has successfully crossed into Egypt after spending nearly seven weeks in captivity in the Gaza Strip. Sources within the group, as reported by Hamas-linked Al-Aqsa TV, have confirmed their handover to the Red Cross.

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In response to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s recent comments urging Israel to reconsider its offensive in Gaza, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen, launched a strong critique. Sánchez expressed concern about the high number of Palestinian casualties, especially among innocent civilians and children. During his visit to Israel with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, Sánchez proposed a ceasefire, a peace conference, and the implementation of the two-state solution as potential solutions to the ongoing violence in the region.

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However, Cohen reacted negatively to Sánchez’s statements, accusing him and De Croo of spreading “false claims” and “giving support to terrorism.” Cohen went further to threaten the Spanish and Belgian ambassadors with a “harsh rebuke” in response to their perceived alignment with views that Israel considers detrimental to its interests. The exchange underscores the diplomatic tensions surrounding differing perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the appropriate responses to the situation in Gaza.