Trevor Bickford, the 19-year-old suspect accused of attacking New York police officers near Times Square on New Year’s Eve has been arrested. He is charged with an attempt to murder a police officer.

Audra D’Antilio, mother of alleged Islamic terrorist Trevor Bickford expressed her immense love for Trevor in a social media post. She wrote that she loves that he has “no fear of trying new things.” The alleged Islamic extremist was seen unintentionally in a Facebook post from his mother’s summer birthday party. 

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She has referred to him as an “old soul” and called herself fortunate to be his mother. Devon, her second son, was seen in a photo with the alleged jihadist on her social media, which further discloses that Devon is a US Army soldier.

Trevor’s mother D’Antilio frequently brags about the 19-year-old on her Facebook page. On July 28, she posted a photo of Trevor and wrote, “Happy 19th Birthday Trevor. So proud and lucky to be able to call you my son. You’re an old soul and you amaze me every day with all that you enjoy to explore and do. I love that you have no fear of trying new things, and you truly are the best brother ever. I am so beyond proud of the man you are becoming, I love you.”

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Trevor’s paternal grandmother Patti Nalani Medeiros Bickford passed away on December 31, 2020. This was exactly three years before the Times Square knife attacks. She worked for 30 years at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where she held several positions. She was one of the first women to go on sea trials on the Kamehameha submarine.

Thomas Kimo Bickford was Trevor’s father who died unexpectedly in 2018 aged 41, according to his obituary. Kimo and Audra D’Antilio were married on September 9, 2001. They had raised their three children, Travis, Trevor, and Devon, in Wells, Maine.