At least three drones attacked Moscow, in the latest string of attacks in Russia, as per the Russian Defence Ministry. In the early hours of Sunday, the drones crashed into a skyscraper containing government facilities in a posh area of the city.

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Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, blamed Ukraine for the attack on the city. The video of this incident went viral on social media platforms like Twitter. Watch it below:

It was the third such attempt this week and the fourth such attack on the capital region this month. Two office skyscrapers were damaged in the attack, and one of the four airports near the Russian capital was temporarily closed to inbound and outbound traffic.

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The Defence Ministry reported that one drone was destroyed at Odintsovo, outside of Moscow, and that two further drones, which were intercepted by Russian air defenses, struck commercial buildings in the capital. Emergency services also reported later that a 21-year-old lady and one security guard had been hurt by shrapnel.

The drone attacks that were reported on Sunday were the most recent in a string of recent drone operations that Moscow has attributed to Kyiv, including attacks on the Kremlin and Russian cities close to the Ukrainian border.

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In an effort to retain a military edge and a sense of surprise, Ukraine often does not claim responsibility for attacks in Russia. Senior Ukrainian authorities, however, said last week that Kyiv was behind the recent drone attacks on Moscow.

A Ukrainian Air Force official issued a statement a few hours after the incident on Sunday in which he neither acknowledged nor denied responsibility. “They got what they wanted,” the spokesman, Yuri Ihnat, said on national television. “There is always something flying in Russia, including Moscow. Those who are not affected by the war are now affected, which creates certain moods. Russia can no longer claim it shot down everything.”