A volcanic eruption shakes Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula, the fourth in three years, captured in live footage amidst ongoing seismic activity.

In a disconcerting recurrence, the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland is grappling with yet another volcanic eruption, marking the fourth such event in a mere three years. This recent eruption was preceded by a robust earthquake swarm that initiated around 21:00, primarily concentrated in the dike north of Grindavík.

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Watch the video below: 

Preliminary data, albeit unverified, suggests that the largest earthquake in this series measured an unsettling magnitude of 4.2, striking precisely at 21:03. Live visuals from mbl.is webcams offer an immediate and vivid portrayal of the ongoing volcanic activity, showcasing the dynamic and intense nature of the eruption.

Providing insights into the severity of the situation, volcanologist Þorvald Þórðarson indicates that the eruption appears to be unfolding at Hagafell, above Grindavík. Expressing genuine concern, Þorvald Þórðarson characterizes this as a potential worst-case scenario, noting the presence of super-high magma plumes reaching an estimated 150 meters. The intensity of the lava flow is evident, with Þorvald Þórðarson emphasizing the gravity of the unfolding events.

This eruption follows a period of seismic unrest, leading to the closure of the renowned Blue Lagoon resort and the evacuation of Grindavík residents. Despite persistent seismic activity and the ongoing volcanic situation, the Blue Lagoon has decided to reopen, implementing safety measures and continuous expert monitoring.

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As the Icelandic Met Office diligently assesses the seismic landscape, tracking activity and deformation in nearby areas, residents remain in limbo, awaiting updates on evacuation rules. The nation grapples with the unpredictability of volcanic events, prompting authorities to maintain a vigilant stance while awaiting further data and assessments in response to this latest eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula.