Thousands have already lost their lives and many more are injured in the disastrous earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Not only lives, but the earthquake has cost much more to the two countries. In a recent report, Gaziantep Castle, a historical and tourist spot is known to have been badly damaged by the quake.

The countries were hit by four back-to-back earthquakes with many other aftershocks. The first quake was of 7.8 magnitude and is supposedly the reason behind the castle collapsing.

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History of the Gaziantep Castle

The Gaziantep Castle was built during the second and third centuries C.E. as per archaeological studies. The excavation also revealed that the castle was built as a watchtower in the Roman period.

Over time, the ancient rulers continued to expand it. The castle was shaped into its current form between 527-565 C.E. by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The castle is in close proximity to the historical Şirvani Mosque, which is also found to have suffered some damage. The mosque is said to be built in the 17th century.

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The Turkish state-run news agency stated in its reports, “Some of the bastions in the east, south, and southeast parts of the historical Gaziantep Castle in the central Şahinbey district were destroyed by the earthquake, the debris was scattered on the road”.  Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay has also stated that some 1,700 buildings were damaged across 10 Turkish cities.

The death toll in the affected areas is continuously rising and has reached beyond 2600 in the most recent reports. A search and rescue option was initiated for those still missing. People around the world can extend their support to the victims through multiple international organizations working on the front lines.