A video posted on Twitter allegedly taken before the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey on Monday shows strange behavior of the birds.

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In a video posted by @OsintTV, hundreds of birds can be seen chirping and hovering in the sky before landing on snow-covered trees.

Turkey and Syria have captured the attention of the entire world after four massive earthquakes struck the countries in less than 24 hours. So far, the death toll has reportedly reached the thousands, with thousands more injured. The tremors have been captured on camera in several videos. The strange behavior of the birds was one such video.

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According to a 2014 study, birds avoided storms by listening to infrared sounds and evacuating 24 hours before the storm hit.

According to this website, “the earliest reference we have to unusual animal behavior prior to a significant earthquake is from Greece in 373 BC. Several days before a devastating earthquake, rats, weasels, snakes, and centipedes reportedly left their homes and headed for safety.” In less than 24 hours, three massive earthquakes and aftershocks have killed over 2,300 people in Turkey, causing widespread devastation.

The first earthquake struck near Nurdagi in Gaziantep province, near the border with Syria. The second earthquake, which struck hours after the first, was located near Ekinozu in Kahramanmaras. Finally, the third one was in the same province, near Godson. The three earthquakes had magnitudes of 7.8, 7.6, and 6.0, respectively.

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan described the initial earthquake as a historic disaster, with the death toll expected to rise. He said 2,818 buildings collapsed as a result of the first tremor, calling it the country’s “largest disaster” since a major quake struck the eastern province of Erzincan in 1939. The quake’s epicenter was in the province of Kahramanmaras, and it shook southern Turkey and northern Syria overnight. It was followed by a second strong tremor with a magnitude of 7.6. A third one measuring 7.1-magnitude and a fourth measuring 7.5 magnitude occurred just an hour ago.