Climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested in Germany after she along with other climate activists, was protesting against the demolition of a village to make way for a coal mine. 

Thunberg was protesting at a coal mine in Garzweiler, situated some 5.6 miles away from the village of Luetzerath. For the expansion of the coal mine, the village was being razed which sparked a protest at the premises. 

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The group was detained by the police, though Thunberg was later released upon an identity check by the authority. 

However, a behind-the-scenes video featuring the 20-year-old activist smiling after being detained is doing the rounds on the internet, with people labeling the arrest a publicity stunt. 

In the now-viral video, Thunberg can be seen smiling and posing with the german police as the cameraman captures her photo. She can also be seen laughing and nodding her head at one point, probably indicating no to a question, possibly an officer’s. 

Internet users were shocked after this video emerged, slamming Thunberg’s arrest “a publicity stunt” for the sake of attention. 

Many others criticized Thunberg for using a Nike fanny pack, which was manufactured in China. The rest asked her how much she was getting paid for the gig. 

“@HanchoskyErik Publicity stunt.. she’ll get bailed out by George Soros before she even arrives at the jail,” one user tweeted. 

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“@HanchoskyErik Protesters often meet with police before hand to agree who will be arrested (if the protest involves a crime, like trespassing, for example). So, yes in a way this is staged, but also she was arrested for real. It brings more media attention to the thing being protested,” another one said. 

The 20 year old was in the news the past week for her interaction with social media personality Andrew Tate. It set the internet abuzz, and prompted a reaction from Tate. Tate posted a video reply to Greta, which helped the Romanian authorities identify the sigma male, eventually leading up to his arrest.