In a bizarre conspiracy theory in connection to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, French journalist Florence de Changy claimed that the US fabricated radar data with the help of Inmarsat as Washington was responsible for the downing of the Boeing 777-200.

In the third episode of the Netflix docuseries, MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, Changy claimed that the U.S. sent AWACS planes to intercept Flight MH370, which was supposedly carrying 2,500 kg of electronics that were delivered under escort. The electronics were loaded onto the plane without being scanned by X-ray machines, Changy said, adding that the last-minute addition of these items suggests that China illicitly wanted to obtain these gadgets which could have been “highly sensitive U.S. technology.”

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Changy’s hypothesis was brought to life in the third episode which shows MH370 leaving Malaysian airspace and being intercepted by American AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control Systems) aircraft.

The highly equipped aircraft then jam the passenger jet’s communication systems and make it disappear from radar at a stage before it could enter Vietnamese airspace. Changy claims that there is a possibility that AWACS ordered the pilot to land the plane, but when he refused to alter his route, the U.S. either carried out a “missile strike, or a midair collision” in order “to stop the plane and its precious cargo from arriving in Beijing.”

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What are AWACS planes?

AWACS is a technology featuring long-range radar surveillance and control centre for air defense. It is designed to detect aircraft, ships, vehicles, missiles, and other incoming projectiles. It is highly capable of jamming communication systems of any airline. These planes are used for both defensive and offensive air operations. The U.S. Air Force uses the AWACS, which it designates as E-3.