Flight MH370, operated by Malaysia Airlines with pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, took off on March 8, 2014. It was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in China, but as we all know, it never made it anywhere.

With numerous theories, what happened on the aircraft is still one of aviation’s greatest mysteries. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, a new Netflix documentary series, aims to analyze these theories and lay out all the facts for the viewers.

In the days following the plane’s disappearance, satellite sleuth Cyndi Hendry allegedly discovered what seemed to be a mound of plane debris in the ocean, but she claims her shocking findings were disregarded. Unsettling satellite photos now reveal how MH370 might have fallen thousands of kilometers away in the South China Sea.

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Who is Cyndi Hendry?

Cyndi is a citizen of Florida’s Cape Coral and has spent her entire life here. After MH370’s disappearance was made public, volunteers from all around the world pledged to search for the missing plane. Volunteers from Tomnod also did their part and searched the alleged crash site using the DigitalGlobe-powered service, which utilized high-definition satellite pictures. One of those volunteers was Cyndi Hendry.

Cyndi was a dedicated Tomnod volunteer who had been involved with the group even before MH370 vanished. In fact, according to sources, she was a skilled operator of Tomnod and had used the tool to look for irregularities and test her own ideas on unrelated global events.

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Cyndi described her perspective by saying that the first few photos she saw were completely black due to the water. Then again, after looking through a few photos, she saw something white poking out of the water and thought it was a piece of the plane.

She then downloaded the Boeing 777 aircraft blueprints from the internet and double-checked whether the object she had noticed was actually airplane wreckage. Nevertheless, even when Cyndi posted her allegation online and received a tonne of support, the folks in charge didn’t seem to pay her discovery much heed.

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Cyndi Hendry is still a resident of Cape Coral, Florida, where she holds a position with the Lee County Clerk of Courts as a Criminal Customer Service. She is also an excellent photographer and enjoys pursuing it on the side.