Meet Jared “JP” Pierce, the 32-year-old firefighter from Houston featured on Love Is Blind Season 5. Discover his age, Instagram, and relationship status.

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Who is Jared “JP” Pierce? 

Jared Pierce (Photo: Instagram/@instalessjared)

Jared “JP” Pierce has become a familiar name to Love Is Blind fans in Season 5. This 32-year-old firefighter hailing from Houston, Texas, is making waves both on and off the screen. Let’s dive into the details about this intriguing contestant.


At 32, Jared “JP” Pierce brings a unique perspective to the show. He’s no stranger to the spotlight, occasionally posing for his local firefighter calendars. However, when it comes to dating, he admits to needing a little assistance. Jared has shied away from deep connections in the past, citing the superficial nature of Houston’s dating scene. He’s eager to find a partner who appreciates his “big heart,” a trait he holds dear.


If you want to catch up with JP, you can find him on Instagram under the handle @instalessjared. He’s not shy about sharing updates with his followers, including his exciting journey on Love Is Blind Season 5. In September 2023, he dropped a teaser for the show, urging fans to tune in and watch his quest for love unfold.


JP’s participation in Love Is Blind Season 5 has piqued the curiosity of fans. He entered the show with hopes of finding a genuine connection, a departure from his previous dating experiences. With the unique concept of the pods, where contestants form connections without seeing each other, JP aimed to let down his guard and reveal his true self to a potential partner.

While JP got engaged during the show in The Pods, public records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas indicate that he did not obtain a marriage license. This suggests that he may not have tied the knot with his Love Is Blind partner in the Season 5 finale. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that, as of the Season 5 premiere, JP and his Love Is Blind partner were still following each other on Instagram, leaving fans intrigued about the fate of their relationship.

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While the status of his engagement remains a mystery, fans can follow his journey on Instagram and watch his quest for love unfold on the screen.